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Mortgage Checklist
  • Purchase Agreement & all addendums. (normally provided by realtor)

  •  Who will you be using for homeowners insurance?  Please have your homeowners insurance in place at least 10 days prior to closing date.

  • Bank statements for 3 months for all checking and savings accounts that you hold.  Also need the most current statement for any Retirement/IRA/401K accounts that you may have. Do not leave out any blank pages.

  • Copies of your I.D. & proof of Social Security Number (SS Card or W-2)

  • All Paystubs for the most recent 30 day period.

  • School/College transcripts if you do not have a 2 year job history and have been attending school.

  • Complete tax returns for the previous 2 years for conventional loans.  If you are requesting a WCDA loan we will need the previous 3 years tax returns. (Need the 1040 including all schedules & W-2’s for all employers)  For self-employed borrowers we will need YTD Profit & Loss Statements that are signed by borrower along with a Current Balance Sheet.

  • Documentation supporting other income.  For child support/alimony we need divorce decree or court order and 12 mo. payment history from the Child Support Authority.  For Social Security we need the Social Security Awards Letter explaining how much you will receive.  For Rental income, we will need all rental/lease agreements along with a complete list of all properties that you own and current estimated market values.  For interest income, dividends or any other type of income, please provide whatever documentation you may have regarding this type of income along with proof that you have received this income for the last 12 mos.

  • 2 year physical address history along with any current & past landlord’s names, phone numbers, and addresses.  We will also need the From & To dates at each address you lived (very important!).  If you lived rent free with family, that is ok…. Just note that by each address you lived at.

  • 2 year job history along with current & past employers names, addresses and phone numbers.  We will also need the From & To dates that you worked at each employer (very important!).

  • Divorce Decrees if applicable for all borrowers within the last 10 years.

  • Full Bankruptcy Discharge paperwork if applicable for all borrowers in the last 10 years.

  • Closing Statement or Relocation Buyout Agreement for any current property that you may be selling prior to buying your new home.

  • If you are receiving gift funds for closing costs and down payment, please provide a copy of the check and deposit slip along with a gift letter from the person who gifted you the funds.

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